More ideas for your Mediterranean garden.


Herbaceous plants


Herbaceous plants can be positioned anywhere in the garden and either in pots or directly in the soil. They vary in colors and sizes, create a beautiful scenery and fill the garden  with colors and scents. Continue reading “Herbaceous plants”

Plant selection for your Mediterranean garden.



It is finally time to talk about the types of plantation for a Mediterranean garden and the right spots for them to be planted.  Even if you already have designed a rough plan of where you want to plant everything, you have to make another one which will include plants that already exists in your garden. Continue reading “Plant selection for your Mediterranean garden.”

How I created my own Mediterranean garden.




When I had to leave my place of origin in order to begin my studies at the university I had to live for an extended period of time in an urban environment. That environment of course had nothing in common with the life in the countryside where I had spent my entire life until then. Continue reading “How I created my own Mediterranean garden.”

Why my garden got its Mediterranean style.

mg6Τhe type of my job gives me the opportunity to visit many houses and get familiar with many people. What I realized as times went by is that not only Greeks but anyone regardless of the type of their house is interested in having some type of garden in its surroundings. Continue reading “Why my garden got its Mediterranean style.”