More ideas for your Mediterranean garden.


Fruits and vegetables for your garden.



Some people claim that the garden should not only improve the aesthetics of our house. There is also the practical side of the garden. Vegetables and fruits can replace bushes and plants in a small part of the garden and provide us their valueable products throughout the year.  Continue reading “Fruits and vegetables for your garden.”

Shrubs and bushes



Shrubs and bushes are used in order to create imaginable corridors in your garden. Most of the times you can give them the shape you prefer. They are also used in order to seperate different sections of the garden or hide a spot which is not aestheticaly correct with the scenery. Continue reading “Shrubs and bushes”

Plant selection for your Mediterranean garden.



It is finally time to talk about the types of plantation for a Mediterranean garden and the right spots for them to be planted.  Even if you already have designed a rough plan of where you want to plant everything, you have to make another one which will include plants that already exists in your garden. Continue reading “Plant selection for your Mediterranean garden.”

Mediterranean gardening: points of attention


Most people think that the creation of a garden from scratch is a very difficult and complex process for a beginner and up to a certain extent they are right. However the will to create something beautiful by yourselves along with the combination of modern technology can reduce your effort. Continue reading “Mediterranean gardening: points of attention”