How I created my own Mediterranean garden.




When I had to leave my place of origin in order to begin my studies at the university I had to live for an extended period of time in an urban environment. That environment of course had nothing in common with the life in the countryside where I had spent my entire life until then. For that reason I always had in my mind that with the first opportunity that I was given I was going to leave the city center and move into my own house somewhere in the suburbs. The house should not be an apartment and it should definitely have a space for a garden.

As I mentioned before the nature of my business help me explore many neighborhoods in the suburbs, making my search for a new house a lot easier than usual. Eventually I was given the chance to buy my dream house. While I was on my way to meet a client I found a single story house with a big empty space around it. The empty space was perfect for the creation of the garden I wanted to create. The problem was that I am not a professional gardener and I did not have the knowledge and experience to create my dream garden from scratch. However my will to create exactly what I wanted made me search, study and talk to people with a lot of experience especially people I met online.

Slowly and with a lot of patience I began formulating the plan of what I wanted to create and the process I had to follow in order to achieve my goal.  What I realized is that in order to be successful you must not proceed to fragmented actions but choose a complete approach in the creation of your Mediterranean garden. I am not going to present right now the entire creative process as I am planning to create an entire post about that later on. Also time is always a problem. In my case the time I could spare for the creation of my garden was limited and I am sure this the case with most of you also. But remember that the goal here is not to finish the creation quickly! Sloppy work is never a good idea. Devote an hour or two per day or in the weekends and focus on your garden in order to have a desired result.


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