Trees: a must-have for a big garden.



Both this and the next few posts will present you types of trees and plantation in order to be easier for you to choose the most suitable for the aesthetics and functionality of your Mediterranean garden. In this post I will present you choices of trees and I will briefly mention their advantages in a garden.

First of all, trees provide shade which creates a beneficial microclimate in your garden during the summer months due to the fact that they reduce the temperature of the surrounding environment. Also trees act like natural windbreaks and protect that way the rest of the plantation in your garden. Finally they provide a natural roof under which you can enjoy your garden and relax.


ceratonia-siliqua-locust-tree   Ceratonia siliqua- Locust tree


cupressus-semprevirens-cypress-tree   Cupressus semprevirens- Cypress tree


Olea europaea- Olive tree.jpg   Olea europaea- Olive tree


Phoenix canariensis- Palm tree.JPG   Phoenix canariensis- Palm tree


pinus-pinea-pine   Pinus pinea- Pine tree


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