Plant selection for your Mediterranean garden.



It is finally time to talk about the types of plantation for a Mediterranean garden and the right spots for them to be planted.  Even if you already have designed a rough plan of where you want to plant everything, you have to make another one which will include plants that already exists in your garden. This plan will help you decide where you will place each one of the plants you have chosen in order to combine them effectively and create a suitable microclimate in your garden.

It is also very important to know beforehand the size at which each of the plant you have chosen is possibly going to reach. A common mistake for beginners is to buy a plant in its early stages of growth and plant it in their garden without being aware of how big it is going to get as time goes by. There are many casesof such plants that turned into big trees, covered the entire garden with their foliage and destroyed many plants around them with their roots. It is important to plant your choices according to their size. Usually the bigger plants and trees create a nice background around the garden allowing the smaller ones to “breathe” easily and also create beautiful and smooth layers in your garden.

Afterwards you should imagine and carefully design the visual characteristics of your garden. Search for as many plants as you can and check out their color and the color of their flowers in order to achieve a colorful result. I would suggest you to plant any dark green colored plants in the background of your garden in order to give the sense of the depth of field. On the other hand, light green colored plantation should be planted in the front in order to create a nice contrast and lighten up your garden. Next, colorful plants and flowers should be located in easily visible places either in front of everything else or next to dark-colored plants in order to enrich every corner of your garden with colors and aromas.

The combinations of plants and trees you are going to create will be entirely your choice. Give your garden the style and character you want but always remember to respect the nature with your choices.


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