Mediterranean gardening: points of attention


Most people think that the creation of a garden from scratch is a very difficult and complex process for a beginner and up to a certain extent they are right. However the will to create something beautiful by yourselves along with the combination of modern technology can reduce your effort. I mention modern technology and by that I mean the online community where you can always seek help. There will always be people able to help you when you are puzzled, share with you their knowledge on the subject and provide you with tips.

I want to share with you my knowledge and experiences I have in order to help you create a beautiful and vibrant Mediterranean garden which you will enjoy all year around. The first thing you have to do is record and examine the space available for your garden. This is important in order to decide which types of plants you are going to choose. For example if you have a small garden of approximately 40 to 50 square meters you cannot plant a tree because as it grows, its foliage and roots will cover the entire garden leaving no space for other plants. On the other hand if you have a huge garden and decide to plant only bushes and herbaceous plants you will not be able to reveal their colors and natural beauty. So I suggest before you start creating your garden, draw a rough floor plan of the garden and a substandard layout. This is a very enlightening example provided by Cathy’s blog.

Another important matter is the water supply of your plants. Even though the Mediterranean plants are known to be tolerant to the lack of water this does not mean that they do not need it at all.  In order to conserve this precious resource and also save money, you should install an automated irrigation system. Furthermore you can install a rainwater tank to collect more water during winter and use it for watering your plants on hot summer days.

Mediterranean landscapes usually consist of rocky areas, so many of you might be wondering what you should do with rocks located in your garden. The best choice would be to leave the rocks exactly where they are and plant vegetation around them creating that way an authentic Mediterranean landscape. Even if the rocks can stay there, an amount of soil should be removed and then replaced by fresh soil enriched with fertilizers and manure.

Finally you should examine the bright and shady areas of your garden as long as its “microclimate” in order to decide which trees and plantation will be able to thrive at your garden. Also check your national weather service to get information about the average rainfalls, winds and temperatures. After all that it is time to choose the trees and plantation for your garden. This is a topic we are not going to discuss yet..


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