Life in the Mediterranean landscape


The Mediterranean landscape is directly connected with the climate around the Mediterranean sea where it got its name from. The main characteristics of this climate are the mild winters, warm summers, smooth temperature changes and the lack of extreme high or low temperatures. Also the percentages of humidity are low and there are reduced rainfalls.  If someone will observe a weather map which includes the climatic zones he or she will realize that this type of climate is not limited to the areas around the Mediterranean sea, but also many areas around the globe such as California, the southern coasts of Africa and Australia and the coastal areas of Chile.

Even though these areas only cover 2 percent of the entire land of the planet are considered the most desirable places to live thanks to its friendly climate conditions. The result of these conditions is the creation of an amazing scenery with unique characteristics such as hills, smooth rocky areas, sparse vegetation and bushes. Even if some areas are considered mountainous they are usually just a few miles away from the sea making the winds not exceed certain levels of intensity.

Due to these facts the organization of a Mediterranean garden requires a specific philosophy. You must begin the creation of your garden accompanied by a holistic approach of the subject. You have to respect the microclimate of the surroundings and choose plants which are endemic or native in the area. Mediterranean gardening is not limited only to the selection of appropriate trees and plantation but also includes the correct planting and conservation techniques and the efficient positioning of the garden’s elements. There are many cases where the individual when creating his or her garden tried to isolate specific elements of the garden and settle them wherever felt more convenient or better looking. In this case the elements will not settle correctly and might not adapt and grow. This is a typical case of not respecting the system and the way the nature works.

The occupation of creating a Mediterranean garden gave me the opportunity to discover not only the power of nature but also the creativity and freedom offered by nature. Gardening also helped me discover things about myself because this was a process of creation, meditation and introspection. I am sure you will also have the same experiences I had.


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