Fruits and vegetables for your garden.



Some people claim that the garden should not only improve the aesthetics of our house. There is also the practical side of the garden. Vegetables and fruits can replace bushes and plants in a small part of the garden and provide us their valueable products throughout the year. 


solanum-lycopersicum-tomato   Solanum lycopersicum – Tomato


allium-cepa-onion   Allium cepa- Onion


Capsicum-Pepper.jpg   Capsicum-Pepper


Solanum melongena- Eggplant.jpg   Solanum melongena- Eggplant


cucurbitaceae-zucchini   Cucurbitaceae- Zucchini


Citrus- Lemon.jpg   Citrus- Lemon


Ficus carica- Fig.jpg   Ficus carica- Fig


Punica granatum- Pomegranate.JPG   Punica granatum- Pomegranate




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