Why my garden got its Mediterranean style.

mg6Τhe type of my job gives me the opportunity to visit many houses and get familiar with many people. What I realized as times went by is that not only Greeks but anyone regardless of the type of their house is interested in having some type of garden in its surroundings. However sadly sometimes their interest for a nice garden in their house is implemented with some wrong choices.

I will try to explain you what I mean by that. For example living in Greece and having a garden which adopts the style that you typically find in Switzerland is not the best idea neither for the aesthetics side nor for the economic side. My childhood and teenage years are deeply connected with my parents’ house in Nafplion, a picturesque town in the southern Greece. It was a typical country house very close to the sea. It had a very big garden in its front side and a small orchard in the back. Every plant, tree and flower in that garden was native to the Mediterranean environment. Thanks to that, everything was matching with the scenery of the area and was very resistant to the climatic conditions of the area. At the same time everything in that garden had created a beautiful design in the field thanks to its variety of colors and shapes. The scents were distinctive and very pleasant especially during the summer where my parents and I were sitting on the porch of the house and enjoying the warm summer nights. I am sure that many of you also have plenty of those memories. You might say that they belong to a long gone and even forgotten past and that they can never come back. However even though I have moved in the suburbs of Athens, I can still relive these memories and you can do it too!

After a lot of research, effort and personal work I managed to create my own Mediterranean garden. Through my blog I will create a space where I will show you that everything at life, and gardening of course, have to adapt and go with the rules of nature and common sense. My posts will share my knowledge and experiences to all of those who love nature and want to embellish their house with such a garden.


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